Saturday, 8 April 2017

Addicted to buying makeup?

Saturday, 8 April 2017
Realizing stuff ...

I was addicted to buying makeup. I would justify spending large amounts on things I did not need and eventually, (thank the heavens) I realised that I could be spending that money on things I really required. I have seen some of my friends struggle with the same thing and I believe that social media plays a huge role in this struggle.

How many of you felt the need to buy a new makeup product just because your favourite beauty vlogger/blogger likes it ? Deep down, you know you own something quite similar, but that doesn't cut it. You want that same product. The glossy packaging, the $$$ tag- it all screams exclusivity and you want to own it !
Reality kicks in -
A) Do you really need it ? C'mon tell the truth now !
B) Will it suit your skin tone/type ?
C) What about the stuff you bought last week ?
D) Do you realize that you can never get through a product if you keep buying more and more.
You don't need to paint an army of elephants. You need to realize that big beauty vloggers/bloggers receive stuff to try and promoting them is their job. Not all of us need to own a product from every beauty launch. We don't need 30 dusty rose lipsticks, even if each of them is slightly, only a smidge different.
It takes me 3+ years to hit pan on a blush and months to finish a lipstick. I despise throwing things away and this huge realization made me control my spending. I still enjoy seeing beauty hauls; but my wallet is safely stashed away :)
What are your thoughts ?

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