Monday, 5 December 2016

Shut Them Down !

Monday, 5 December 2016

Okay, so what's all this about ? I really wanted to write this post and I hope you guys take this as a positive message and bring changes to your life.

Let's shut them down. Shut what down?

Shut down the negative thoughts in your mind. Shut down the doubters in your life. How many times have people told you that you can't do it? They are just puppets, controlled by negativity! Shut away judgemental people and breathe in the fresh air. Let the fresh air revitalize your mind and body; for you are unique in every way. Please don't shy away from your dreams and aspirations; please don't take a break from life. Channel yourself as a force and run after your dreams.

No one has the right to put you down; not even the inner demons inside you. I wanted to share this little message with you guys because I have realised that self doubt and negativity are the biggest enemies, one can have. I know its takes a lot of practice.

In the past few months, I made some big life decisions and changed my path. I took nasty, toxic people out of my life. I finally realised that I can shut down the negativity around me and live. Live for myself and those that I love. Everybody needs to hear a message like this once in a while. And I want you guys to analyse your life and find the negativity. Find it and banish it. Banish it away from your life. Become what you want to...for dreams are never just dreams.

I have changed my life by adopting these mantras. Hope you guys can do it too !



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