Thursday, 10 November 2016

My MAC Lipsticks ♥ Growing collection :)

Thursday, 10 November 2016

"MAC MAC , L'oreal ! Yes, cause I'm worth it" - Lil Mama, Lipgloss

Owning MAC lipsticks was always my dream and now I can safely say that I own the shades of my dreams. I am a matte lip kind of girl and the matte formula of these lipsticks are so comfortable to wear. Applying them is a dream and they don't bleed at all; no crumbly dry lips either :)

I admit that I usually lean towards the nude shades. Out of the 50 lipsticks I own, atleast 80% of them are part of the nudes family(dusty roses, mauves etc.) But I do love a classic red lip for special occasions. Mangrove is the prefect orangey red for me. It is a hot fiery red shade which perfectly suits my olive skin tone. I see this shade as a summer red too; one that goes well with a tan.
Whirl, Taupe, Mangrove
The other two lipsticks are surprise surprise...nude shades. The ultimate MAC bestseller (thanks to Kylie Jenner) Whirl and my most recent lipstick, Taupe. Whirl is a dark dusty rose shade with warm undertones. It gives me the cool girl feels. Taupe is similar to Whirl; both look identical in the tube. Seeing them together makes me feel crazy, because they look like twins. Its like the same lipstick; my friends also thought I was crazy when I bought Taupe. "Its just like Whirl!", they shouted. But when applied, Taupe looks like a dark peachy brown (lighter than Whirl). My ultimate, MLBB shade. The wear time of the lipsticks is 5+ hours for me. New lipstick brands have appeared on the market in the recent years but MAC always holds its own ground because you cannot beat the quality and consistency of the products. The packaging of these lipsticks is, hands down, one of the best I have ever owned. They may not be glossy or flashy like YSL lipsticks, but they are strong and sturdy. They never crack; I feel safe putting them in my bag.

Do you know what I love most about these lipsticks? They make your lips look so pouty and lush ; they are definitely not flat mattes.
I am seriously eyeing the MAC Holiday collection. The Nutcracker theme brings back sweet childhood memories. Wishing to see them under my Christmas tree ! Every girl deserves a bit of MAC x

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  1. I love a mac lipstick. I have Whirl and Taupe. Whirl leans really dark and brown on me, i still love it though! Taupe is one of my most worn shades, I love it xx

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