Thursday, 24 November 2016

Being a Shopaholic and Saving Money

Thursday, 24 November 2016
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My name is Lubna and I have a shopping addiction. There ! I said it ! I know I have an addiction but rather than repressing it, I have taught myself to shop wisely. I control my money wisely by investing in quality pieces and using special discounts. My friends see me as this shopping demi God, no joke :) Today, I want to share my best shopping tips with you guys! Why ? Because I love you guys :)

Subscribe, subscribe : I know everyone hates pesky newsletters but subscribing to the email services of your favourites stores is such a great way of knowing about deals and discounts in advance. Its like being an inside man; trust me, it helps. I have subscribed to Sephora, Topshop, to name a few.

Become a member ! : I always get membership cards at stores and they are always free. Stores like Aerie, Sephora, American Eagle, The Face Shop etc have membership cards which are absolutely free. You can get free gifts, additional discounts, and e - receipts just by becoming a member.  I get a lot of freebies on my birthday: cherry on the top, if you ask me :)

Sales pressure: Shopping in sales is quite stressful ! You feel like you have to walk away with something because everything is so cheap. But the truth is that you don't ! Don't compromise on style, quality, or fit during sales. Walking around the store with the item, helps me decide if I really want the piece. Don't let salespeople put pressure on you too ! Shopping should be soothing. Walk away from tough situations.

Student Discounts: Always ask for student discounts because they are amazing ! I always use mine. Topshop has 10% off for students and this really helps students save money. Online shopping sites have student discounts too and you should always take advantage of them. Even if its just 10% ! Every little helps.

Buying in Bulk : If I see something I really like and will use for a long time, I buy it in bulk if I can afford it. I get it in different colors. But, these pieces must have superior quality. I don't care about trends. If the piece echoes my personality, I cannot let it go.

Be Swift: Women can be aggressive shoppers. You have to know how to be on a lookout. Sometimes, I see another person grab something I want and it just annoys me. So now, I don't procrastinate ! I get what I want asap. My friend spotted some amazing UGGs last week and she said she will get them another day; when we arrived at the store the next day, they were gone. She was heartbroken. I hate that feeling ! Don't you ?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post ! Thanks for the love and support !

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  1. Membership cards are great! I don't understand how people can shop without them. I have 3 YSL lipsticks that I've bought solely with membership card points! They're so worth it. I'm also very much of the opinion that you should walk away from pressured shopping experiences. It doesn't matter how much I want something, if a sales person tried to pressurise me into getting it, I'll walk right out of the store & go elsewhere for the item. It's my money and I won't have someone else trying to spend it for me. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Yes, I agree ! People are often scared of membership cards but, they are so worth it x I hate buying stuff under pressure. Glad you enjoyed the post x


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