Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Trying Korean Beauty Products : Worth the HYPE ?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Korean people are famous for their glowing, healthy skin and the skincare market is flooded with Korean beauty products. I saw several sheet masks at Sephora; but I wanted to try something more affordable, so I headed to The Face Shop. The place was like a makeup-candy store. Everything was in pretty packaging. The whole place was colorful and the staff were really helpful. I knew I wanted sheet masks so I picked up 2. The first one is a Chia Seed Mask and the other is the Pearl Mask. I have combination skin and I needed a pick me up because my acne was flaring. These products promise instant glow and hydration. And let me you tell you this, they definitely deliver it. I just cleansed my face and applied one mask every night. I took it off after 30 mins and I massaged the leftover serum and my skin instantly looked plump and radiant. The next day my acne bumps and pigmentation were less noticeable.

The other product I picked up was the Blackhead Out - Black Charcoal Strips. And surprisingly these were effective too. My nose is much clear now. I like The Face Shop products and I have also used their eyeshadows in the past. I am now committed to these sheet masks and I like them better than Lush Face Masks. They feel luxurious and the best part is that they are affordable. What do you guys think ?



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