Sunday, 15 May 2016

Skincare : What you must know !

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Rosebud Salve, Lush "The Sacred Truth" Face Mask, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen, L'Oréal Eye Defense Eye Cream, Nip and Fab Dragon Blood Plumping Serum, Nivea Nourishing Day Cream

I love taking care of my skin because my mum has amazing skin and I want to look as good as her when I get older. I had troubled skin as a teenager. It was super oily and I popped every pimple or bump I saw. I even pricked them with needles. Urgghh ! I know ! The struggle is real. I learnt a lot throughout my skin journey.

1. Less is more : Using the basic cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen and lip balm can help calm troubled skin. You shouldn't use tons of different products. It will irritate your skin even further. I also learnt that products targeted at acne prone skin actually worsen your problems, because they contain several irritants and dry out your skin.

2. Don't stare : Avoid looking at yourself in the mirror a lot. This will lead to acne picking and therefore, scarring. It can also lower your self esteem. People tend to pick out their so called "flaws". Love yourself, give yourself a break !

3. Sunscreen is a must : For acne scarring, pre mature wrinkles etc., the main skin care step is sunscreen. It prevents sun spots, skin cancer and it helps me reduce my hyperpigmentation, caused by acne.

4. Always moisturise ! Oily skin needs moisture too ! People who skip a moisturiser are making a big mistake because skin produces more oil when its dry. Oily skin needs moisture to balance itself. You can use a gel based/oil free moisturizer if you hate heavy moisturisers. Moisture prevents wrinkles, it helps acne heal without scarring and it give you a beautiful glow. My mum uses coconut oil at night and her skin is flawless. My dermatologist was shocked when he saw her youthful skin. You can also use hydrating serums. I use the Nip and Fab Dragon Blood Serum for the bouncy plump effect.

What are your skin commandments ?



  1. i'm so bad with moisturizing but i've been trying to be better with that. it's interesting though about your #1 less is more. i know koreans have been doing a 10 step process, which is totally crazy because it's so time consuming, but it's nice to see that there are different methods/processes for different people x

    1. I am fascinated by Korean beauty products ! But because my skin can get irritated easily, I like keeping it simple. But I am addicted to sheet masks now x

  2. I have such a problem with picking at my skin. Thanks for the tips. -Hanna Lei

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