Thursday, 19 May 2016

LUSH HAUL ♥ Mini Reviews

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Whenever I feel burnt out or stressed, I look for calming products. You know, for that aromatherapy ; everyone needs a pampering session, once in a while. Well , Lush products do the very same for me.  Starting with face masks , I have tried the Scared Truth and this time around I picked up Catastrophe Cosmetic. I don't like all of the face masks they have; I mean come on, garlic on your face ! Not for me !

Catastrophe Cosmetic
 This face mask is greyish-blue in color and it is clay based. I got a really fresh piece, but unfortunately it was a tad dry whilst applying. The mask did a really good job in calming my combination skin and it had a really nice cooling effect. It has blueberries and calamine which sounds just divine. Blueberries have an antioxidant effect.

I also got the It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint and this is hands down my favourite lip tint. It gives you a strong red tint and it smells divine. It has coconut oil, therefore the consistency and feel is really creamy. It makes you look like Snow White, with ruby lips.
I also picked a soap called Figs and Leaves. It has pieces of fig in it and it smells just like the name suggests, of figs and leaves. It is very creamy and slightly exfoliating due to the addition of coarse seeds in it. But, it isn't scratchy. It doesn't dissolve fast in water and this soap should last a long time.
Well well, Lush did it again. I am impressed and looks like the only one in stress now, is my debit card. LOL

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