Thursday, 24 March 2016

Dewy Babe !

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I used to be obsessed with a completely matte look. My lip color, blush, foundation and eyeshadow- they all had to be matte. Not any more baby ! Its all about the glow !
So, I stumbled upon these two lovely products. The first one is from the drugstore and its the L'OrĂ©al Magic Lumi Primer. I love this primer because it gives me that perfect glow. It is not glittery, it is luminous. I mix this with my foundation and it makes my whole face look bright. It also increases the longevity of my blush. The greatest thing about this primer, is that its not sticky and it doesn't alter the color of my foundation. It has a pearl like finish.
The other lovely product is the MAC Mineralize Blush in New Romance. I went into MAC looking for a good blush and highlighter and this product is all in one. Its a beautiful peach blush with a slightly frosty finish. Its is finely milled and the new MAC packaging is super sleek. When the makeup artist applied it on me, it was love at first sight. I knew that this was the one ! I dropped the other blushes and quickly purchased this ! All mine, my precious :) Its really good for parties and weddings. And you don't have to feel guilty when you splurge on this, as its highly pigmented and it will last a very long time.
If you don't like shimmery products, these two are great ! They are exceptional products that don't make you look cheap! Together, they deliver a healthy flush and remember to skip the highlighter when you use this blush.
Gorgeous Blush - MAC Mineralize Blush in New Romance


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