Thursday, 25 February 2016

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Thursday, 25 February 2016


"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." —Marc Jacobs

Summer is almost here. Well, that's if you ignore the unpredictable weather caused by global warming. I recently went shopping alone and I picked up this funky blouse, which has such a fun pattern to it. It is something out of my comfort zone; yet the piece is very intriguing. And you can't really complain about the Forever 21 price tags. It's so easy to find amazing pieces there! And I also noticed that, I feel so calm shopping alone. I don't have people nagging me or telling me to hurry up. :)
I decided to channel my inner fierceness in this look (Credits to Tyra Banks for spreading fierceness all around). I felt like a wild gypsy and I wanted to pair this blouse with these oxblood jeans from Jordache. I love this oxblood burgundy color. To keep my feet warm, I went with these oh-so-comfy boots from Ardene. The jewelry has a very rustic feel as its oxidized. These sunglasses gave me those carefree vibes. I kept the makeup bare minimal and used my favourite MAC lip liner in Whirl ♥ Fashion is about making a statement and I made heads turn today ! Its also about exploring yourself ! Pairing these pieces together was an experiment and it revolved around the whole concept of bohemian/tribal prints. I hope you guys like it ! 

Top : Forever 21|Contemporary
Jeans: Jordache
Boots: Ardene
Jewelry: Janpath Market (India)
Sunglasses: Express


Photography Credits : Mayank Yadav

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